The Three Questions your Business Needs To Answer

Three people in business casual attire having a brainstorm meeting about marketing with papers on a table.

How to write content that actually converts

When you’re trying to get a financial product or service into the hands of the people who need it, your potential customers must be able to answer three questions. 

1. Why this? 

Why do they need what you’re offering? What value will it provide? How does it fit into their life; what problems will it solve for them? Essentially, why should they spend money (or take the time to sign-up/create an account) for THIS?

2. Why you?

If  they believe they need/want THIS, why should they get it from YOU? How do they know they can trust you? Do you have the expertise or experience they need? What’s special about the way you do THIS? How many times have you offered this before? What social proof do you have about your approach? ? Do your values align?

3. Why now?

Ok, they believe they need/want THIS and that YOU are the one to get it from. Is NOW the right time? Why should they prioritize this in their budget/schedule? Why shouldn’t they wait until next week or next month when they tell themselves things will be “less hectic?” What’s in it for them by acting NOW?

Where most startups fall short

A lot of marketing is ONLY focused on #1 — these are your “value propositions,” your “jobs to be done,” the headlines on your website. When we’re trying to get someone’s attention, whether through an online ad, a direct mailer, or a billboard, it makes sense to focus on the value your solution will bring. 

It’s a great start. 

The right top of funnel strategy. 

But it’s rarely enough to convert. 

This is where content becomes so important. 

Once you’ve made someone aware of you and curious about your solution you need to stay in front of them in the spaces they frequent, whether that’s LinkedIn or in their inboxes. This is how you win them over. This is how you get your audience from knowing you to liking you to trusting you. This is how you stay top of mind, so when they are ready to buy/sign-up for THIS right NOW, YOU are the one they’re coming to. 

This is how we use content to convert.

As you’re creating content for your fintech startup of financial services business, I encourage you to consider these three questions (and the sub-questions I’ve listed above). If you’re having writer’s block, think about what your audience needs to learn, know, or be convinced of to be able to answer these questions for themselves.

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