Together, we can make our world
just a little bit better

We want to live in a world where people are prioritized over profit, where freedoms are more valuable than free markets, where financial anxieties are replaced by financial stability.


We believe “it doesn’t have to be this way.”


Firefly drives change through these three avenues:


  • Messaging & Content Strategy: We partner with mission-driven businesses to create content and messaging that helps them stand out from the crowd and reach the people who deserve their solutions.
  • Courageous Communications: We don’t hold back on calling out the aspects of our work and financial systems that aren’t working for most of us, and share how we do business differently. Sign-up for the newsletter if that’s your vibe.
  • Podcasts & Storytelling: We connect with people and leaders who’ve found innovative ways to create a better world for themselves and others and share their stories on our podcast The Work We Want.

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Let’s connect

Our Founder

Hi, I’m Arden!

I live in Brooklyn, NY with my cat Penelope, dozens of houseplants, and a near constant desire to hop on a plane bound for a tropical island. I’m known for making unconventional career decisions, encouraging people to define success for themselves, and changing systems to work for more of us.


I’m overflowing with “it doesn’t have to be this way” energy.


I was an early employee of SoFi where I ran social media, content marketing, and PR from 2012-2014. After SoFi, I became a freelance content strategist and writer working for clients like Capital One, First Republic Bank, and numerous fintech startups.


Today, my work is focused on inclusive financial brands who are blazing new trails in how we earn money, foster financial independence, and build wealth – including expanding who has access to these solutions.


I partner with teams to develop their key content themes and messages, identify the right platforms and cadence for sharing content, and draft posts with a brand voice that connects and converts. If you’re doing things differently, I want to make sure people know about it.